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Art of Creating and Teaching Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

This course is designed for everyone who is looking to deepen and increase their skills as a yoga teacher or practitioner.

For brand new yoga teachers or students wanting to build their home practice, creating a yoga sequence can seem daunting. From choosing poses, themes, breathing, or remembering what you did on the first side in a sequence, there’s a lot going on in a yoga class.

While different styles of yoga will dictate just how the sequence goes, most classes will have similar elements. 

Most classes are not planed and they reflect random creativity, but sometimes this can be problematic. 

Some other styles of more traditional, like Ashtanga Vinyasa the order of the postures is already set.

This course is including principles of effective teaching, and how to build confidence and integrity. 

Corse is delivered online and in-person and you need to have already 200 hours of basic Teacher Training Qualification in order to be accredited by Yoga Alliance or if you are a practitioner and you are looking to deepen your knowledge of the practice. 



  • Sequencing Strategies and safety points

  • How to approach Vinyasa vs Yin Yoga 

  • Verbal instructions for both styles

  • Observation of Students

  • Classroom Set-Up & Organization

  • Pose Knowledge and traditional approach 

  • Adjustments, anatomy points and props using 

  • How to make Yoga Notes, sketching yoga sequences 

  • and more


  • You need to attend 28 hours, LIVE , via ZOOM  

  • Videos are pre-recorded and available to watch via HD video streaming technology, they are not downloadable

  • Certain courses include materials and worksheets but not all courses are accompanied by written resources, in the form of downloadable PDF documents; and you may download these to your computer


  • All purchases are non-refundable

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