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Terms and conditions:

Please read before you book and attend any classes at the studio. 

You always need a doctor's approval or any type of physical form of movement, and your booking represents your confirmation of your full responsibility for your practice.

* Please book online. You need to provide the correct email and contact number because, in an emergency or last-minute cancelation, we will need to be able to contact you. 

* You have up to 1 hour to book before the class and a 6-hour cancellation policy to have a credit back for other classes. You need to cancel online (not by social media messages.) If you are still after the cancellation deadline, you may still unregister to open up a spot for someone else but this still be counted against your class pass/membership usage limits and you will not receive a refund. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS BACK TO YOUR BANK  IF YOU CANT MAKE IT TO THE CLASS, WORKSHOPS, OR ANY VOUCHERS OR RETREATS .


* Please bring your own mat or any other equipment you need for your practice.  All items brought into the studio should be cleaned before and after each class with antibacterial provided by the studio.

The forms are totally safe and they won't be used for any other reasons other than yoga practice. 

* Classes are usually 1 hour long plus 10 minutes after for general questions. Please arrive on time not early than 10 minutes before the class. Late arrival might affect other participants 

* If the class is fully booked, you can add yourself to the waiting list, however, it is your responsibility to check if you will be accepted in the class. 

* By booking the class, you will accept total responsibility for any injury, and you need have consult a doctor before any type of exercise program. 

* If you’re not able to join us in the studio, tune in for an online class instead, or just stay home and rest up, and come back to the studio when you’re well again!

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