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About me

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I began my journey of yoga many years ago just for my own practice during my full-time job in the office, but the real connection and the true journey of yoga started in 2014.
Initially, I approached yoga for healing benefits having issues with my hips and joints, but after an accident, yoga becomes part of my daily life.
This passion for yoga pushed me into a deeper study and I gained the skills and knowledge to become a yoga teacher, qualified and registered as a yoga teacher.
Now, I am teaching internationally and locally ( Pembrokeshire at The Salt Loft Yog Studio) to a wide range of people with different needs or abilities and yoga brings me so much joy. Yoga taught me to be present, to allow each moment to be as it is, and to accept myself as I am.
My hope in teaching yoga is that I share what I learned from so many sources, from my teachers, and from my own experience. Influenced by the environment and my travels, I aim to bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of my classes.

I am a qualified Yoga Alliances advanced teacher and BSY, holding the following qualifications ☺️:

⭐️ Vinyasa Yoga Karma and Art of Adjustments
⭐️ Hatha Yoga
⭐️ Yin Yoga
⭐️ Rocket Yoga ( Ashtanga style)
⭐️ Yoga Anatomy
⭐️ Breathing, Pranayama Coach
⭐️ Yoga Trapeze
⭐️ Hydro Yoga ( Aqua Yoga qualified) 
⭐️ Acupressure and Chinese Massage TUI NA

And I attended so many other workshops around Europe and UK.

The list will carry on soon with other plans for next year.

I conduct my practice and continue my studies in UK and Europe with one of the best Ashtanga teachers.
I have to date Professional Liability Insurance and full DBS up to date.
BSY and Yoga Alliance Qualified:
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